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Everton Rockwell at the Australian Young Horse Championships 2017.

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Winter is a time to reflect, consolidate and plan. The foals of 2016 are now big healthy weanlings and we are awaiting the 2017 vintage.

The competition team is really consolidating in their training. Everton Weltstar (Whisper x Clayschool) recently came 2nd at his first Advanced level start with his proud rider Louise Just. Everton Hot Romance (Hotline x Rosario) is back in the arenas winning with over 70% at her first competition since returning from injury. My sensitive but super talented gelding Everton Rockwell (Rockstar x Lord Sinclair) is not far behind her on 68%. He is starting to relax and trust me a little more away from home. He is a very exciting horse for the future.
MARCH 2016
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Its terrific to sit still for a few moments and reflect on what a successful few months we have had here at Everton!

In the competition arena Everton Hot Romance (Hotline x Everton Rosaria) exceeded all expectations for her 4 yo campaign. Her first ever competition was the Saddleworld Dressage Festival at Werribee Park, which she won and became the Victorian 4yo Young Horse Champion. Having only been broken in three months it was a great thrill to win on such a talented green horse in such a big atmosphere. Unfortunately Hottie mildly injured herself in the paddock a month before Dressage With The Stars, so whilst qualified and entered we were not able to start her. Such are the highs and lows of horses!

This is an extremely talented and brave young mare. She has just come back into work and our plan is to carefully and slowly produce her as she is very much a horse with a big future. I have three sisters to this mare here on the farm (Zonik, Wynton and Dante Weltino), and I cannot wait to work with them under saddle.

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Everton Hot Romance, 4yo ridden by Kate Sheffield.
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Very proud rider, owner and breeder!

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In February, we were delighted to welcome the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia to the stud. This years German assessor was Maren Schlender from the Verband. Our mares and foals received very positive comments with Everton Frauzonik (Zonik x EV Rosaria) and Everton Hot Romance (Hotline x EV Rosaria) receiving very high scores for their classification.

Everton Daylight (Dante Weltino x EV Rosaria) impressed with wonderful paces and conformation. She was awarded a Silver Hanoverian Foal Award.

However it was our youngest foal Everton Dante’s Dancer (Dante Weltino x EV Let’s Dance) , pictured right, that stole the show. She was the highest scoring Victorian foal and was within the top three foals nationally. She was awarded a Golden Foal Award in recognition of her quality.

Finally our last foal for the season is safely on the ground! We have been blessed to have three fillies and one handsome colt born here on the stud without incident. Here are some pictures of the 2015 vintage!

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Everton Farina.
By Fiderf
ürst out of Everton Grand Edition

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Everton Fiderschön
By Fiderfurst out of Everton Grand Edition.
Owned by Sam Mizzi.
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Everton Dante’s Dancer
By Dante Weltino out of Everton Let’s Dance

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Everton Daylight
By Dante Weltino out of Everton Rosaria
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Its been a long hot dry Summer here at Everton, thankfully the much anticipated rain arrived this morning. We are thrilled to report all of our mares are safely in foal, even those who have been uncooperative in the last couple of seasons! As a breeder I know what I like, and I try very hard to breed the sort of horses I would buy for myself. Demand for Everton horses is high and our stock sell very quickly, so I think my clients agree with my choices. This year I chose two incredible stallions to compliment our proven broodmares, Dante Weltino and Fiderfürst.

Our expected 2015 foals are:

Dante Weltino x EV Rosaria (Rosario)
Fiderfurst x EV Grand Edition (Grand Kavalier)
Dante Weltino x EV Let’s Dance (Lord Sinclair)
Fiderfurst x EV Luisa (Lord Sinclair)
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Dante Weltino (Danone x Welt Hit II). Oldenburg Reserve Champion.
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Fiderfürst, (Fidertanz x Friedensfurst), Premium Licensed Hanoverian.
In competition news we have had two very exciting horses making an impact in the FEI young horse classes. The first is the delightful Everton Sanario who has been dominant in Sydney in the 4yo tests scoring up to 8.7. The second is the huge moving Everton Dreamtime who has been consistent in the 5yo tests in Melbourne. Both these horses are from our renown champion Clayschool xx mare line. We hope these much loved boys will represent us at the Australian Young Horse Championships next month.
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Everton Sanario (San Amour x Everton Rosaria)
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Everton Dreamtime (De Niro x Clayschool)
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Welcome to our updated website!

The festive season has been a very busy time for us with lots of movement of horses and newborn foals.

We said goodbye to the lovely black 4yo mare Everton Fonteyn (Floriscount x EV Grand Edition) who was sold to a competition home in WA. Fonteyn was beautifully broken in by John Thompson and generated plenty of buyer interest due to her amazing temperament and excellent movement. We are thrilled to hear she has settled in well to her new life in Western Australia.
The younger brother of EV Fonteyn is 3 yo Everton Churchill (Capone x EV Grand Edition), who ironically lives 10 mins away from his bigger sister in the Swan Valley. He is recently broken in and showing the same terrific trainability as his older sister. He recently attended his first competition at the WA State Equestrian Centre and scored 68% & 71% in the preliminary classes, needless to say his owners were thrilled! I very much look forward to receiving updates on these two black pearls as they develop in the months to come.
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Everton Churchill as a 3yo in Western Australia
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2 day old “Winston” here at Everton, Victoria.
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Everton Churchill as a 3yo in Western Australia
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